How To Plan a Family Reunion in 2021/2022

As more Americans get vaccinated, many have finally been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and start planning get togethers, weddings, work retreats, and joyful family reunions

These larger gatherings, often held in the summer, require months of planning, and often require coast-to-coast travel to reunite with loved ones. In more recent weeks people have been thinking about how to travel safely this summer, and hug their family members for the first time in over a year. 

One of the first things to think about when starting to plan a family reunion is where in the United States is best for everyone invited. Choosing a centrally located place has always been top of mind, but it has been especially important this year with individuals and families traveling great distances. Winter Park in Colorado is the perfect meet-in-the-middle destination. With being only a 1.5 hour drive from the Denver International Airport, Winter Park, CO would be an ideal central location for everyone invited, coast-to-coast.

Once the location of the gathering is chosen, the next steps are to find properties that suit the needs of the group. Staying close to one another when on vacation, but having personal space has been top of mind for travelers this year planning their first get togethers of 2021 and moving into 2022. These homes in the Lakota Neighborhood in Winter Park, CO are the perfect compromise – they are all side by side, across the street, and just down the road from one another, perfect for weddings, family reunions, work retreats, and more!


Insider’s Tip: Looking to travel on a budget? Autumn in Winter Park is spectacular! Rates and availability are more favorable in the Fall, and those months tend to be less crowded in the town overall. September & October are a great time to visit, with the spectacular colors and stunning leaves, this time of year is a secret gem!


Here is a list of all of our properties in the Lakota neighborhood. When looking over these properties, please note that Lakota Antlers 300, 403, & 409 are all together on one quiet road, and are easily walkable to one another! Perfect for families with small children. Lakota Summit, Lakota Vista, and Lakota Retreat are all brand new, luxe properties, close to one another and have spectacular views. Also, Lakota Mountain Lodges 105 & 106 are a literal stone’s throw from each other, perfect for two families traveling together.


Lakota Antlers 300


Lakota Antlers 403 


Lakota Antlers 409


Lakota Dreamcatcher


Lakota Mountain Lodge 105


Lakota Mountain Lodge 106


Lakota Northwoods 305


Lakota Reserve


Lakota Retreat 


Lakota Summit


Lakota Vista


Moving into a new era of travel post-pandemic can feel intimidating. But don’t worry, remember that there are always new and fresh solutions when planning larger gatherings in 2021 & 2022. Our independence and autonomy has become part of our everyday lives, and keeping that space when traveling will be more important than ever before. These properties in Lakota are great options for spacious group travel. But there are many other options in Winter Park, CO! To check out our other wonderful, spacious, and luxe properties in Winter Park, click HERE.

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