Winter Park Resort Trail Maps

WInter Park Resort ski mapSki Winter Park, Colorado

I was looking for some old vintage trail maps for Winter Park Resort and I came across this old trail map from 1980.  And boy does it show just how much bigger and better that Winter Park/Mary Jane has become.

The trail map for the coming 2010/2011 season should look very similar to the 2009/2010 version as there have been no on mountain improvements for the last couple of years.  That can be understood with the economy being in the tank the last few years. Mr.  Garry DeFrange, Winter Park Resort President, has been saying that more development is coming to the Winter Park Base Village in the form of town-homes and a hotel.  When that will be remains to be seen.  There still lots of vacant retail spaces in the Winter Park Village but Mr. De Frange is saying that there are tenants waiting to sign on.  We are hoping that the large restaurant space is taken for this coming ski season but at this point it is not looking likely to be open for this ski season.

On mountain expansion is hopefully coming soon to the resort with lots of area to expand skiing on to adjacent mountains of the Winter Park/Mary Jane Resort.  Again probably not going to happen in the next few years as the economy has put a wobble in the ski resorts walk.

Anywho, I liked the above ski trail map and thought I would share.  Below is an even older trail map of the original Mary Jane side of the ski area from 1976 that is pretty cool.

Mary Jane ski resortSki Mary Jane

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