Fraser River in Winter Park Named to Endangered River List

Winter Parks endangered river
Colorado River Named to”Most Endangered Rivers” List

Our beloved Colorado River and more specifically the Fraser River has been named the #6 most endangered river in the United States.  The threat of water diversion from the state’s namesake river has landed the Upper Colorado at  #6 on this year’s list, as compiled by the conservation advocacy group American Rivers.

Right here in Winter Park the proposed firming of the Moffat Tunnel Collection System Project is threatening to make the Fraser River that most of us here depend on into a trickle of a stream.  As it is now it is a trickle of what it once was.

The proposed Moffet firming could lower the river flow to the point of threatening the Fraser and the Colorado Rivers prized trout fisheries.

Supporters of the Moffat diversion say the water is needed in order to ensure a reliable water supply for Colorado’s fast-growing population. We say those needs can be met through other means, such as working to use water more efficiently. The Upper Colorado and its major tributaries provide water to the resort areas of Granby, Winter Park, Breckenridge, Keystone and Vail; as well as a large portion of the urban Front Range.

The Denver metro area users gobble up a huge percentage of the Colorado River water already and piddle it away on grass watering and other non-essentials and keep on grabbing for more.

Lets keep a healthy Colorado and Fraser River and say no to Denver Water and the proposed  firming of the Moffat Tunnel Collection System Project.

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