Learning to ski at Winter Park Resort

Skiing with Children in Winter buy priligy in Australia Park, CO

Where was the first place that you skied? What was your favorite run as child?  Well pretty much all my childhood memories of skiing are right here in Winter Park, Colorado.  My oldest brother, David, would take me and my two other older brothers, Matthew & Stephen, and slog us up the hill and try to ski down with me between his legs.  David is now up for sainthood. Even though I remember it being very hard and sometimes cold the biggest memory is of how incredibly fun it was to get out on the slopes on snow and shuush down the hill.  Probably just a convenient memory because at four I was definitely not shuushing.

Anywho, it is time for me to pay back the teaching.  We have been taking our twin boys, Nicholas & Willem, out to the teaching areas at Winter Park and Mary Jane and man what a kick they are getting out it.  The above video is of Mom and Nicholas hitting Discovery Park.  After a few runs at Mt. Maury we took Nicholas up the Gemini and let him get after some skiing.  we then went back down and Nicholas fell in love with the magic carpet and trying to do pizza with his skis.  The edgy-wedgy helps a lot with the young kids keeping the skis together.

At the end of the day we met up with Teddy, Niko and Theo for some french fries, PB & J and some nice sunshine.  We will be heading out this weekend with both Nicholas & Willem and those two will be rippen’ up the slopes.   A couple more trips to Winter Park and Mary Jane and the little tykes will be ready for Winter Park Ski School.

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