Where to Demo Skis in Winter Park, CO


Winter Park, CO Ski Demos

Are you looking to buy new skis or snowboard?  I have been in the process the last few weeks and the whole experience has been so fun.  Demoing skis is the way to go.  When you demo skis you take out different brands and models and check out how the ski feels to you up on the ski hill.  I have been working with Epic Mountain Sports here in Winter Park and it has been a blast.

Here is how Epic Mountain Sports Demo then Buy program goes:

  • Each demo day is $31.00
  • $31.00 is deducted from price of skis/bindings when you buy your skis

This is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I have demoed 4 pairs of skis so far and all ski very different and all have been a blast to ski.  There are so many different nuances going on with skis nowadays.  There is the traditional stiffness and flexibility, the width of ski underfoot related to width at tip and tail, rocker vs camber, twin tip or no twin tip and on and on.  Many different skis that behave differently and perform in complete unlike ways in varying conditions.  In the three ski adds above where all three (Olin, K2, Rossignol)  skis look and act the same is a thing of the past.  This would sound rather complex and it can be but it has been such a blast getting to know each ski up at Winter Park Resort.  If I could just demo skis all year long I would be happy.

The guys in Epic have been great.  The two Ryans, Ben, Chad and owner Katherine all rock.  Take your pick of models from Volkl, Rossignol, Dynastar, K2, Nordica and Icelantic.  The techs at Epic know the equipment and know the mountain and will help you pick something fun for you to try. Ask them about the new “rocker/early rise” technology in the new skis.

Needing new skis?  Get to demoing with Epic and make an informed buy and have some fun doing it.

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