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Winter Park, Colorado’ s Best BurgerBest burger in Winter Park co

It has taken awhile but we have completed the best burger competition in Winter Park, CO.  I have eaten enough burgers to be fairly sure that I will not be ordering a burger in a restaurant for the next couple months.  The positive is I have learned we have some killer burgers here in Winter Park.

The original competition was going to be a contest of the top three recommended by our Winter Park Lodging Company Facebook Fans but there were more than three recommendations.  I tried all five different burgers in addition to the ever present McDonald’s franchise here in Winter Park, CO.

I have seen some burger reviews break down a burger almost scientifically in how they rate the burger.  I was not very scientific at all.  If the meat was flavorful and the bun had a good texture and consistency I pretty much thought the burger good, from there it was deciding what burger had the best flavor combination overall. Burger at Heck's Devil Thumb Ranch

The restaurants that we visited were Deno’s, The Library Grill, Heck’s at Devils Thumb Ranch, Randi’s and Sharky’s.  There was not a bad burger at any one of them.  I am a blue cheese lover and most if the time I ordered some kind blue cheese burger sometimes with bacon.  At Hecks they had a burger with a nice slice of pork belly that can be seen in the pic on the far right. YUM!!!!!


Library Sports bar and grill burgerSo the top burger in Winter Park, Colorado goes to……… drumbeat please……..

Deno’s.  As I said the competition was close but if I had to rate the five burgers I would go in this order:

  1. Deno’s – great meat but it is the bun that really makes this burger.
  2. Heck’s at Devil’s Thumb Ranch – you can not go wrong with putting a slab of pork belly on a burger. They might even be 1a
  3. Randi’s – may have had the best meat but the bun was “stiff”. Still a really good burger and had some awesome onion rings to go with.
  4. The Library –  ordered the Paul Bunyon which is a two patty behemoth that will satisfy any large appetite.  The sweet potato fries sound great but are pretty much mediocre.
  5. Sharky’s –  don’t know why they are last as the burger was really good but a tad small.  They have a homemade bun that is fantastic.  Burger at Sharky's Winter Park, CO

So, there are the best burgers in Winter Park, Colorado from my humble opinion.  You can and will not go wrong with any one of these.  If you are in a rush, or hungover, you can still hit McDonald’s for that Big Mac or Q/Pounder with cheese but you would be much better off hitting one of these local stops here in Winter Park and Fraser.

Here is the original post for the best burger competition in Winter Park , Colorado.

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