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Who has best hamburger in Winter Park Colorado

2011 Top Hamburger in Winter Park, Colorado

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company thought we should start a little best of project for the Winter Park and Fraser area. We would like some reader/fan participation and even participation of our fellow business her in the WP area. How we thought this would work is that WPLCo comes up with a category…. say best place for a beer, or best hamburger… whatever category and our reader/fans can suggest the favorites.  WPLCo research crew, me and whoever is lucky enough to be in tow, will try the top three suggested and rate them accordingly.  Sound like fun?  Well, it will pass some of the time away before the start of this ski season.

So our first category on the best of Winter Park/Fraser project is, as you can tell from the tittle, what restaurant has the best burger in the Winter Park area?  Lots of restaurants here with some great burgers but what one are the top three and of those who has the big whopper of the burger here in Winter Park?

You are welcome to make your suggestions on either the comments section below or on the Winter Park Lodging Company Facebook page.

With a just a quick glance at the burger landscape in WP I would have to say that those that would need to be tried would be Deno’s, Devils Thumb Ranch House, Bistro 28 at Pole Creek Golf Club, The Library and Randi’s.  We do have a McDonald’s here in WP and there is something to be said for a Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

So let it fly, who has the best burger in the Winter Park, Colorado area?

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