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Happy Hour!  Those two little words can be music to the ears after a busy day of adventures in the mountains.  So, where do you go in Winter Park when you’re parched and needing a libation with a side of good eats?  

Well, the truth is there are a TON of options.  So, we’ve narrowed the list down to our Top 5 Après Spots (location & ambiance) and our  Top 5 Happy Hour Deals (best food & drink specials).

Winter Park’s Top 5 Après Ski Bars

#1  Heck’s Tavern at Devils Thumb Ranch
TREMENDOUS!  Gorgeous views and really excellent mixed/specialty drink selections.  Plus they’ve got some yummy small plates/appetizers that work perfectly. They are the Waygu (fancy, tasty beef) experts up here so if you’re able, savor their DTR Waygu burger…so worth it!


winter park distilleries

#2  Fraser Valley Distilling
These folks know what they’re doing!  A microbiologist is your bartender, what more could you want?  Wonderful spirits that they make, right there, and really great food to boot.  Super easy location right off the highway in downtown Fraser. Don’t blink you might miss it.  Grandhattan all the way…you’re in Grand County after all! And they’d love to give you a tour of the place, truly passionate folks.


winter park breweries#3  Hideaway Park Brewery

Bring your dog…they’re always welcomed, nay, encouraged!  Here’s where to go if you want to beer-thirty like a local. And you just go next door and “grab a dog” (hot-dog that is) at Fraser Valley Hot Dog when you need some sustenance.   Learn about their home brews here.


#4  Idlewild Spirits Brewpub & Restaurant

Great selection of cocktails made with their in-house vodkas, rums, whiskey & gin; plus mix and match appetizers and main plates that will satisfy your appetite.   Local’s tip – head downstairs to the cozy cask room for a quieter spot.   See their full line up of food and drinks.


#5  Vertical Bistro 

If you’re staying at the Winter Park Resort and are looking for a great end of day drink or dinner, Vertical is where to go.  You can bike or ski right on down and park your stuff outside.  I know this isn’t typical happy hour fare but the Hail Mary is just silly. Food and drink all in one! 



Hey Y’all,  I was sitting in Lime at the Winter Park Village having a nice margarita yesterday and I overheard a customer asking about happy hour.  This gave me a great idea to put all the local happy hours in one place so that in these tough economic times we can still get a good buzz on for cheap up here in Winter Park.  So here goes in no particular order:


#4  The Ditch:  Yummy south of border type food (but great burgers/sammies too) and excellent Margaritas!  If you want to sit out over it all and see what’s happenin’ in town, go here.

Makes we want to go and try all the Winter Park happy hours!

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