Lime in the Winter Park Village: A Dinner Review

Nephews enjoying Lime
Nephews enjoying Lime

We’ve been to Lime for apres-ski and for lunch but never for dinner. Last night we took my brother and his family and my parents (actually, my brother paid, so I guess he “took us”).  Here’s our review!

We were sat immediately at a great table (it was great because it was far away from the front door so we thought we’d avoid the chronic chilly issue they have in the restaurant).  Service was excellent and the food came at the appropriate time.  We all once again loved the chips and salsa.  Margs were excellent too.

As you can see from the photo to the left, the food looks good and it tastes great too.  My mom and I had the Insalada Del Sol.  Really good salad.  My sister-in-law had the Taco Salad which was pretty much taco-less but she appreciated not having the temptation of downing the fried taco that usually surrounds the healthy salad.   Patrick (on right in photo above) had the steak burrito and said he liked it.  I can’t remember what Michael had (in left in photo above) so he’ll have to comment on this blog to tell us.  My dad and brother buy generic zolpidem liked their food too. 

Two issues though – it wasn’t a “great” table as we expected.  As you can see from later in the evening (photo to right), we were freezing. Everytime someone opens the front door, we got a blast of cold and we were in the far back corner of the restaurant.  My sister in law also felt like cold hair was blowing up at our feet.   They’ve got to figure out the cold issue, and this place really will be “great”. 

Oh, and our 2nd issue was the swap between relaxing 70’s Allman brothers and Joe Walsh music to headbanging loud my-dad-can’t-hear-us-speak music.  We asked the waitress about it, but she said something like “yeah, we have it switching back and forth”.   Easy solution – get an ipod, make a mix, play it.  

Cold at Lime
Cold at Lime

After the meal, I met Jason Schmierer who is the new manager (Brian is gone) and he was really nice. Very eager to have us in again and possibly offering a deal in our newsletter this month, so stay tuned. 

Anyone else been in? If so, post your reviews here!

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  1. Hey just saw your blog about LIME. We ate there this week and almost froze! People actually had hats and coats on. Kind of sterile inside, nothing cozy about it, great food might make up for these issues but the food was just ok. Had the taco salad, kind of lacks any texture, I am fine without the big fried bowl bit the anemic taco I found under my salad was not so great, probably greener lettuce would have perked things up. Probably just new resturant growing pains, hopefully things will warm up and food will perk up. Service was wonderful!

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