Take a Dog Sled Ride In Winter Park

See the world from a whole new perspective when you take a dog sled ride with our friends at Dog Sled Rides Of Winter Park.

This top notch outfit offers daily rides all year round and homes approximately 70 happy, healthy, Siberian Huskeys, who clearly love their day job.

Our team at Winter Park Lodging Company are big fans and no strangers to taking a run with the pack on a day off.  Here’s a little run down of our experiences and what you can expect from a day with the dogs.

The Dog Sled Experience 

Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park is located just outside the town of Fraser, approximately ten minutes drive from Winter Park.

As soon as you drive into the kennels, the dogs begin jumping up and down and howling into the air – they know that a run is right around the corner.

After signing in, you’ll be given the opportunity to love on some dogs (‘the welcoming committee’) while your mushers start preparing the sleds.

Each dog sled can carry up to 350 lbs, so most  couples, and parents & kids can generally ride together.

The tallest rider sits at the back of the sled, with the smaller rider sitting between their legs, and back pads inserted between you supported and comfy.   Then you’re carefully wrapped up in a thick burrito of fleece and wool, which will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on your ride.

Non-skiing fun in winter parkAs the clock ticks closer to ‘Go-Time’, the electricity in the air is tangible as the dogs strain against their tethers, and reach a fever pitch of barking.  Then, all of a sudden, you’ll feel a whoosh, and you’re off!   Almost immediately,the dogs settle into a work mode, no more barking or howling, just the sound of pounding paws on the trail as you leave the kennels behind.

Riding along in the sled is very relaxing, no sudden jarring or changes in speed, just the whistle of the wind as you glide through meadows and tranquil groves of pine. There’s maybe two inches between your rear and the snow, but you’d never believe it – it’s so incredibly comfortable!   Being so low to the ground, and close to the pack, puts you in the heart of the action, you are truly running with the pack.  but you still feel completely at ease thanks to the undeniable partnership between musher and his team.

The musher, who controls the dog team from a standing position behind you, is in constant communication with the pack through voice, harness lines and body position.   A quick word to the lead dogs, and the whole team will will whip left or right through the spider web of trails in an effortless flow of wagging tails.

The ride lasts for approximately 45 minutes and offers stunning views of the mountains and surrounding vistas from one of the most peaceful settings within the Fraser valley.   Once in a while, the musher may take pause on the trail to let the pack enjoy a quick roll in the snow (tails wagging, tongues happily hanging from their mouths), and looking to buy ambien share a little with you about the personalities of your team of dogs.   Every dog is different, and all the staff know every one their individual traits and history.

At the end of the ride guests are encouraged to say thank-you to the pack with a friendly pet and kind words.  The dogs love human touch and are very affectionate – a clear sign that they are well handled and love their lives and job.

Sled prices range from $120 to $200 per sled; and tours depart daily at 9.10, 10.30, 12 noon, 1.45, 3.15 & 4.30 (top tip…the dogs are at their most lively during the early morning ride due to that fresh chill in the air).

If you are looking for a truly unique and memorable experience during your visit to Winter Park, we highly recommend you try a dog sled ride with our friends at Dog Sled Rides Of Winter Park.

For more information and online booking, visit www.dogsledridesofwinterpark.com or call 970-387-8326.


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