Ski Winter Park | Old Winter Park Ski Brochure

Winter Park Resort ski brochure

I thought this old ski brochure for Winter Park was cool.  Look at the prices $5.00 for a day of skiing in 1968.  The lodging prices are very nice too!  $20.00 to $28.00 for two people at Beaver’s.  They were even having fashion shows there.  It really must have been a hoot.  Check out the trail map.  What is there 6 lifts and not a whole lot of ski-able terrain.  This map was done for the 1967/1968 ski year, that is the year I was born.  My first time up to Winter Park was in 1973.  Man has the resort changed.  Bigger, bigger and better!  Winter Park ski resort is now one of the top destination resorts in Colorado and is internationally recognized as one of the best resort for families and bump skiing.  It has also won awards for their terrain parks, disabled skiing program and their environmentally sound design.  The University of Colorado and the University of Denver as well as the US Special Olympics teams all train here.  Looking at the above trail map all I can think is WOW! what changes in the last 40 years.

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