Mary Jane Powder Skiing – Pine Cliffs

Winter Park Resort Powder Skiing Video

Man, have we had the snow up here at Winter Park and Mary Jane.  The Pineapple Express moisture pattern has dropped a bunch of snow on us here in the Colorado Rockies.  Winter Park Resort’s snow totals for the year are above 125 inches and Santa hasn’t even been around to hand out his presents to the little girls and boys (and where are my new skis, Kringle?)  The snow looks like it will be flying pretty much all through the  new year.  Yeaaaaahhh La Niña!

The above video above was shot over at Mary Jane after ten inches of snow the day before and another seven dropped as we were skiing.  It was a spectacular day of skiing with most of the usual suspect locals out trying to find their own little private stash of un-skied powder.  As they say – “no friends on a powder day”.  Well, that’s not entirely true as it should be  – “not many friends on a powder day, they do slow you down.”

The Mary Jane runs were the Pine Cliffs between Golden Spike/Arrowhead and Sleeper.  The second part are the cliffs that run to skiers right of the Challenger lift (not sure what they are called).

As you can see by the credits I was following Mr. Ed Raegner of Tabernash, CO until he got a phone call from his mom and had to stop and take the call (is there a rule about calls from mom on a powder day?).  That is ZB all dolled up in his Winter Park Lodging Company garb to start out the video.  Music is by Mick and the boys on Loving Cup and Davis Allen Coe’s Jack Daniel’s if You Please.

As Mick so perfectly says “What a beautiful buzz”, I don’t think powder skiing Mary Jane could be described any better.

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