6 Tips On How To Stay Warm On The Slopes

There are definitely perks to a fun-filled day of adventure on the slopes – the rush of wind through your face, the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a challenging run, the stories shared as you zip back up the lift… all of which can be quickly ruined when you haven’t dressed properly, and feel the pangs of cold that might ruin your day.

Here at Winter Park Lodging Company we want you and your whole group to enjoy yourselves on and off the slopes. So, we’ve put a list of tips to keep you warm all day long!

1. Opt For Mittens
It’s proven that keeping your fingers together keeps them warmer, whereas gloves allow for more surface area on your fingers to become more easily exposed to cold. Some may find that mittens may not allow for as much dexterity for some outdoor activities, so there’s always the option of Glittens!

Local’s Tip: For more info on the gloves vs. mittens debate check out this handy dandy REI article HERE!

2. Pre-Warm Your Boots, Socks, and Gloves
Keep your bots inside! It becomes a habit to sometimes to just throw your boots in the back of the car without thinking of it, but it could really benefit your toes to keep boots where the heat is running! You can also place
hand warmers in your boots, and keep your gloves in your jacket before you go outside.

3. Give Yourself Plenty of Fuel
Keep your body’s furnace burning hot with plenty of calories! Make sure you factor in the extra exercise so you can load up on the right amount of food for your needs throughout the day. Also, it’s critical in these high altitudes to make sure you stay hydrated. Your body is working hard to stay warm and ski hard, so make sure you’re giving it what it needs to run effectively!

4. Carry Spares
Everyone knows how important it is to have back-ups in an emergency situation. Always pack extra items and be prepared for the worst, an extra beanie, mittens, or hand warmers could mean the difference between and excellent day, and a ruined one.

Local’s Tip: You never know what might happen! Someone in your group might be sweating a little extra that day or simply drop their stuff off a chairlift. Always be prepared!

5. Layer Appropriately 
Layering is one of the key basics to staying warm on the slopes. A base layer can help trap heat close to you, and an exterior waterproof layer can keep the wet cold off of you. Having a few layers can help keep you prepared for fluctuating temperatures throughout the day.

6. The Right Socks Can Change Your Day
Being cold really SOCKS! But, try to resist the urge to wear multiple pairs of socks. This could end up working against you, causing circulation problems or even worse, painful blisters. Try wool (or Smart Wool) and remember that more is not necessarily better.

Local’s Tip: Here’s a list of the top ski socks from NYT if you’re in the market.


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