Embrace Your Inner Ski Bum

The Ski Bum Name Game

Ski bum name game

The ski bum name game has recently been doing the rounds on Facebook and kind of tickled us, so we thought we’d share.

Ski bumdome is a rite of passage for most full time residents of a ski town, and generally consists of existing on next to nothing, so that you can spend every waking moment ‘hangin’ with your bro brahs’ on the slopes.

For those that stay beyond the ‘not quite ready to tackle life’ season (and linger in Neverland for a decade or three), they tend to live in a Jekyl & Hyde existence of working full time jobs, while keeping their https://buyklonopintabs.com trucks parked out back with a full set of ski gear on board, just in case it dumps. 

Like the full moon to the werewolf, when the powder comes, an unstoppable transformation occurs in these normally mild mannered locals, and in a sea of duck-taped puffy coats, they impulsively swarm to the base of the mountain to pay homage to the only master they know:  Ullr Dude!  

Here at WPLCO, we all have our alter ski egos firmly on display.  So don’t be afraid, play along and learn to love you inner ski bum.

Yours sincerely,

Old Bones McGee


Ski Bum Name Game courtesy of SIA (Snowsports Industries America)


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