Doughnuts in Winter Park, CO

hot-doughnuts-now Winter Park, ColoradoWinter Park Doughnuts

We have heard that Winter Park is getting it’s own doughnut shop.  Rumor has it that Ziggy and Barbara, owners of Polservice Cleaning Services, are opening a doughnut shop next to Fontenot’s Cajun Cafe in the Kings Crossing shopping center.  Go Ziggy go!!  We could use some good hot doughnuts up here in Winter Park and not those Safeway ones.

Have not heard of a name or when the store will open but apparently there is a sign on the door of the future space.  May we suggest the names Doughnut Bowl or The Powdered Doughnut or The Six Inches of Freshies buy tretinoin cream Doughnut Shop.  OK OK I will stop, but I am excited that WP is getting a doughnut shop.  We are finally getting a couple of modern mans necessities in Winter Park.  First we have the Fraser Rec Center, or whatever the final name ends up being, and the Cosmic Dog Mexican Grill and now our very own doughnut shop.  Homer Simpson would be in heaven!

Well, good luck Ziggy and Barbara we here at Winter Park Lodging Company, especially me, will help to make the store a success, as much as my waistline can handle anyways.

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  1. We stopped at Ziggy’s donuts recently and bought a dozen to go. He was very nice and the donuts were tasty and we enjoyed them.

    That said, I witnessed Ziggy lick his fingers three times while he was placing our donuts in the box! Yuck! Ziggy, please please don’t involve your bodily fluids with my food!

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