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Winter Park Road, Weather and Snow Conditions

The weather in Winter Park is more fickle than a 17 year old girl here in the high country. If someone asks “What’s the weather like up there?” , the answer is likely to be something along the lines of “It’s beautiful right now, but give it 10 minutes and it’s sure to change.”Weather in Winter Park, CO

Winter Park is an area described as high mountain desert. We get lots of snow in the winter, some good rain showers in the summer and pretty much everything in between. Always be prepared for storm conditions, wind, rain, or snow are more than likely to visit us at some point in the day.  We always try to have a few extra warm, dry layers with us at all times, no matter the season.  Sun screen is a must at all times of the year.

A little bit of trivia for you: Fraser, CO was the correct answer to “What is the coldest city in the Continental US?”, in the original game of Trivial Pursuit.  Our weather station here has been removed so we no longer have that distinction but we are still known as the Icebox of the US with great snowfall in the winter and cool evenings in the summer.

Winter Park CO road conditions and weather



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We here like to use for the Winter Park Current Weather and Forecast.  Our weather here seems to be very hard to predict but these guys get it right a little more than the rest.

Make sure to check the Colorado Road Conditions and Closures on the official Colorado Department of Transportation before your trip up to beautiful Winter Park, CO.

Is it a powder day here at the world famous Winter Park/Mary Jane Ski Resort?  Check out the check out the Winter Park Snow Forecast and Report from

There is always something to do here in the outdoor playground known as Winter Park, CO but be sure you are prepared for the varying weather conditions.  Storms move in and out very quickly at 11,000 feet here in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.