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Downtown Winter ParkWe’ve always been proud of our no fuss, small town ways, but it’s always nice when someone else puts it in print for the whole world to see!

Steve Winston, a Fort Lauderdale based journalist, has just published his Top 10 ‘Authentic’ Small Towns In America, and ranks Winter Park as #6, and nearby Grand Lake as #1.

Winston is no stranger to adventure travel, with literary escapades that have taken him all over the world: cowboying in Arizona, ice-caving in Switzerland, dodging bullets in Northern Ireland, and climbing glaciers in Alaska.

The driving force behind the article was to dig beneath the trying-too-hard facades of many small towns that appear in shiney magazines, and discover the  ‘“real,” “authentic” American small towns…where nature is beautiful, shops are unique, and smiles are genuine.’

We think he did a wonderful job.


Top 10 Authentic Small Towns

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