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Lime Winter Park Colorado

We have been hearing some grumblings up here in Winter Park that the restaurant Lime in the Winter Park Village is not going to open back up for this ski season.  The whispers have been saying that there are liens placed against the property from restaurant construction and that the rent is passed due.  Hope the rumors are not true but since we are hearing specifics I think that they just may be.

Lime opened as one of the first two restaurants in the Winter Park Village along with the Cheeky Monk this past February.  The times we dined or drank at Lime the offerings were  good, especially their $1 taco Tuesday promotion.  Margaritas were also very good and the happy hour was a good deal.  Problems I saw were with the cold/heat and a lack of a vestibule when entering the restaurant and service was darn slow on a few weekends this summer.  The design of the open kitchen was probably not the greatest idea either for a down and dirty Mexican food eatery.

Anywho, I will miss the Pacifico and tequila shot after a long day on the slopes.

Anyone else hearing the grumblings about Lime, Winter Park?  Any word of a replacement eatery?  Let us know in the comments below.

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