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Old Winter Park BaseCheck out this old picture of the Winter Park Base from the mid 1960’s.  Place is looking a little different nowadays don’tcha think?

Intrawest has been having their owner HOA meetings this weekend for Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Founders Point and Fraser Crossing.  Lots of songs and dances and odd comments.  Heard Intrawest employees calling these meetings their Superbowl.  WOW!  How do they win and who are they playing?

Anywho, found out a little information about the Winter Park Village.  Retail space is currently 38% leased.  Lots of trying to explain that number away. And no mention that they changed from selling space at the base to leasing it in the middle of the transaction.  That sure couldn’t have any thing to do with the lack of tenants.

Oh Well, they have two more businesses coming into the Village.  First is a restaurant called the Soup Bowl??  that will have homemade soups from down in Golden and will have bread from Denver’s Grateful Bread Company.  Second is a kids video arcade called Winter Parcade?? (?? mean I think that these are the names but I could be completely wrong)

From the talks that were given I guess they are wanting two more restaurants.  Doesn’t seem like anyone is jumping at the chance right now.  Let’s  be happy that the three restaurants are up and running and a fourth is on the way.

I will quit giving Intrawest a hard time, even though they deserve all that is given, and commend them on a good looking village!

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