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The Back Bowl Soup Company will be opening in the Winter Park Village at or around Winter Park Resort opening day.  I took a peek in the windows today and there is construction going on and it looks to me like they should make opening day.  Don’t hold your breath though, we are talking mountain construction.  Love thier logo to the left and the store front looks great below.

Check out their offerings on their website.  They fill a niche that was definitely lacking at the base.  I see they have beer and wine so it will be another place to unwind after a hard day on the slopes with an adult beverage.  How hard is a hard on the slopes?  It is much better than a good day at work unless you tear your ACL which then I would rather be in cubicle land in some basement.

Anywho, enough rambling already, there are now four eateries in the Winter Park Village.  Well, make that three as we have heard that Lime is not going to open back up for ski season.  So we have Cheeky Monk, Goodys and now the Back Bowl Soup Company.  Also, have  heard that Grand Adventures will be opening a store front in the Village just opposite Back Bowl to sell their snowmobile tours and rentals and their new Powder Addiction snow cat skiing operation.

Good luck Back Bowl Soup Company!  I’m sure you guys are ready to be open and be done with construction and inspections.

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