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Downhill mountain biking coloradoDownhill Mountain Biking in Colorado

Have any Y’all been downhill mountain biking with all the body armor and a 50 lb bike with shocks that are two feet long?  Well, I have not but I am being promised a a lesson and a  free  tour of Winter Park Resort’s Trestle Bike Park when it opens in mid-June.

I have seen the riders walking their bike through the base at Winter Park and I always thought man they are some serious dudes with all that gear.  I am now getting kinda psyched to take a “gravity fed” ride through the park.  My first thought is can this be much of a workout when you are taking a lift up the hill?  I am being assured that this is very physical and a great workout even with almost zero uphill riding.

Winter Park Base Rentals at the base of Winter Park Resort provides equipment rental, demos and demonstration on how to navigate the downhill gravity fed trail system.  They also provide storage of all bikes so you won’t be lugging the massive 50 lb bikes into a condo or risk them being stolen from the top of a car.

Intrawest made a decision a few years ago to install the Trestle Bike Park onto Winter Park Resort based on the trail systems that are up at Whistler Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada.  Whistler Bike Park is the premier downhill bike park in the world and from my understanding that is where the sport was originated.

The trial systems at these bike parks are kinda like ski runs.  There are greens, blues and blacks for beginner, intermediate and expert  riders.  Trestle Bike Park has been adding more trails each year and there will be more new trails for this year.

I never thought I would be one to like the downhill decent only mountain biking but I am excited to ride Trestle Bike Park, all duded up in some bike body armor, come this June.  Stay tuned and I will let you know how the test ride goes.

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