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A Revival for the Winter Park Ski Train?

There is some push from Winter Park Resort and Iowa Pacific Holdings, a railroad operator, to continue the Winter Park ski train service from Denver’s Union Station to Winter Park Ski Resort.  Read the whole Denver Post article here.  The ski train had run the route continuously for 69 years before the train being sold to a Canadian railroad company this past April by the Anschutz Company.

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company love the Ski Train and wish for its return.  A couple of changes however, would make the ski train even better.  One, let the ski train accommodate overnight stays.  The Post article says that the Iowa Pacific trains are larger therefor they should be able to let passengers stay a few nights up here in Winter Park.  Second, it would be great to have the train be able to take passengers to Denver and return to Winter Park from Union Station.

Lets hope the ski train makes a return and with a couple of changes we could have a spectacular asset for Winter Park Resort.

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