Snow at Winter Park ResortWe heard it as a rumor last week but we now see it is true.  The Ski Hi Daily news and The Denver Post are reporting that Winter Park Resort in partnership with Denver Water will seed the clouds in the Winter Park area.  The expected increase in snow is about 10% to 15%.  If you do the math that’s about 35 extra inches, on the low end, of snow for Winter Park this winter.

The photo at left was taken September 22rd, 2009 and we are now on our third day of snow and it keeps on dumping.  What did they start the seeding three days ago to get all this snow to fall?  Probably not but lets hope this snow keeps on coming.  El Nino winter, seeding clouds or just an old indian rain/snow dance, whatever it takes for lots and lots of snow, we are all for it.

Here is the snow forecast for the next few days from


September 23rd, 2009

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