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Winter Park Resort Ski Trail Map

I was Googling around the web looking for a current Wnter Park Resort trail map and I found the above poster that I thought was very cool.  I also realized in my search that we have a Winter Park Resort trail map on our web site so I was just wasting my time being a bonehead.

This years and last years trail maps are the same as there are no changes at the resort.  There have been lots of changes in the last five years so there plenty of new challenging terrain up here at Winter Park.  My favorites are the runs serviced by the Panoramic Express and the Eagle Wind lifts.  Lots of great tree skiing and back country type terrain that doesn’t involve hiking up.

I saw an article in the Denver Post this morning called “Tale of the Trail” with descriptions of how some of the ski trails were named and I thought I would share the ones from Winter Park Resort:

“Drunken Frenchmen,” Mary Jane: Named for the French-Canadian loggers who cut timber by day and drank at night.

“Mary Jane,” Winter Park/Mary Jane: Named not for the sometimes medically sanctioned weed, but for a popular local prostitute who once owned the land where the trail was built, a resort spokesman says.

“Sterling Way,” Mary Jane: Named after a railroad engineer who slid to safety on a coal shovel, following a winter train wreck on Corona Pass.

I had heard the story of the first two but the Sterling way one was new to me.  Anyway, the story is linked above and it is quite amusing.

Snow is supposed to hit us this week so lets do the snow dance and hopefully we will get a nice blanket of that Colorado fluffy white powder in the next few days.

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