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If I say it enough times we should get one of these storms to hit us head on, no? After being missed by last weeks storm that some forecasters had us getting us much as 15″, we got .1″, I am strarting to believe that thrownin’ darts at a board is better than any of the snow forecasters ability to predict when we here in Winter Park will get snow.

That great 16″ snow storm that crushed Winter Park Resort, not one forecast predicted anywhere close to that.  Now we have a couple of snow predictions for snow storms to hit this week.  I’m seeing anywhere from 4″ to 15 inches for the Tues/Wed storm and 3″ to 12″ for the Fri/Sat storm.  Bring it on.  It looks like, if these predictions are a even a little bit correct, that this Thursday and Sunday should be good bluebird ski days.

It looks like winter made sure to leave good snow storms for spring. After a Monday – Wednesday (29th – 31st) break (partly cloudy/ mostly sunny, milder), we may see a strong late week storm, and another snow storm that weekend, for frequent snowfall during the first several days of April. Pacific storms (with snow) should move through with good frequency right into mid April, to finish off the season on an improved note we believe (improved weekly snow amounts compared to weekly mid winter totals).

Join Winter Park Resort Thursday, March 25th in West Portal Plaza as they kick-off the Nature Valley NASTAR National championships. The opening celebration begins at 6:00p.m. with a Warren Miller screening of the directors cut of Dynasty, followed by a live performance by The Greyboy Allstars at 7p.m.! Enjoy the movie, enjoy the music, and stick around for the huge fireworks display after the sun goes down!

Come and enjoy the last three weeks of this ski season.  The big storms will be hitting us soon, Y’all keep your fingers crossed.

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