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Spring Skiing Winter Park CO
New Spring Skiing Hours Winter Park

Starting April 9th, Winter Park Resort will have new hours of operation. In order to use Mother Nature to our fullest advantage, the lifts will start and end one hour later in the day, providing the best ski experience possible for the rest of the ski season.

New Winter Park and Mary Jane Lift Operation Hours (effective 4/9/12):
Monday – Friday: Open 10:00 AM and Close 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Open 9:30 AM and Close 5:00 pm

Why is Winter Park making this change?

Snow Conditions and Guest Experience! Given the range of temperatures between day and night and thaw/freeze conditions, Winter Park is making this shift to allow an extra hour in the morning for snow to soften, and an extra hour in the afternoon when the light is good and snow is softer. By taking advantage of afternoon light provided by daylight savings time, this will  improve the on-snow experience.

Telluride Ski Resort initiated a later start and later close a couple of weeks ago and it has been a very popular decision according to Telluride.

In addition, this will allow us an extra hour to sleep in and enjoy the benefits of daylight savings time – including enjoying a leisurely breakfast and some nice late-day snacks and beverages at one of the many bars with sunny deck seating at Winter Park and Mary Jane!

With new spring hours and great weather you should book your Winter Park ski lodging now for some great spring skiing!  Check out the best Winter Park Vacation Rentals with Winter Park Lodging Company.

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