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Winter Park, CO and Mary Jane Opening Day Ski Season 2011 Mary Jane opening day ski season 2011

Summer is still upon us here in Winter Park, but the bite of fall can and already has been felt. There are even some clumps of aspen trees that are already changing to yellow.  And what does all this mean?  It is time to get ready for the opening of Winter Park and Mary Jane.

This year opening day is Wednesday, November 16th 2011 at 9am.  Let the countdown begin! Last year we had an incredible opening with 7 inches of snow the night before opening and that led the way with a great snow season all year long.  Let us rejoice in La Nina.  The La Nina weather is supposed to stay with us through early winter and into the new year and we can only hope that it brings us the snow of last year.  It looks like we may have an ENSO Neutral, or weak La Nina in store for the fall/ winter period.

So as of today we have 97 days until the slopes of Winter Park are open for our skiing pleasure.  In that time we will get to see the newest Warren Miller ski movie, hit up Sniagrab for the some new ski schwag and hit the gym for the preseason ski conditioning classes.  Don’t forget to get you Winter Park/Mary Jane season ski pass before it is too late, 97 days we will be gone before you know it.

Wednesday, November 16th 2011 is the opening day for Winter Park Resort.


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