Winter Park Resort

Winter Park Resort

We have been hearing some rumors about Winter Park Resort’s parnent company Intrawest the last few weeks and heard Gary DeFrange talk about what the current economy has in store for the resort.  I did a search and found an article about Intrawest’s financial state from Canada’s Globe and Mail.  A pretty interesting read.

What, though, will this have in store for Winter Park Resort?

Well, that is a little tough to discern at the moment.  In the short term Winter Park resort will see a slow down of the on mountain improvements that were planned.  The current base construction will not be added to as with the original Winter Park base development plan.  On the bright side if you have cash you can get a great deal on a condo at the base of the resort.

Intrawest is in the eighth year of a fifty year operating lease from the city of Denver on the Winter Park Resort.  My understanding is that Intrawest has done very well with Winter Park and would in no way want out of their lease.  I think that is good for Winter Park as Intrawest has overall done a great job with the resort.

So here is hoping that this economy turns around and the snow god’s look favorably on Winter Park and we have a great 2009/2010 ski season.

August 24th, 2009

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