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We got to get out to the slopes yesterday, Friday the 20th of November, and made some turns at what is open so far at Winter Park Resort.  We also got to sport our new, oh so fancy Winter Park Lodging Company jackets.  We had a fun time as it gets you pretty excited to strap the skis back on make somefirst week of skiing Winter Park Colorado

first week of skiing 009 Winter Park Lodging company jackets

turns on the slopes after five months off.  There were three lifts open and a few runs to get warmed up for the season.  It is official now the Resort is open and the ski season is on.  How many days will you get in this year?  Don’t make this another year of – “I should have gotten more skiing in”.  Can you get 40 days of skiing in? or will it be 50 or even 60?  Maybe you are marathoner and will hit 100?

The jackets are just spectacular, No? Red for the males and blue for the females, Winter Park Lodging Company employees will be the envy of all skiing on Winter Park Mountain.  So look for Chris, Sarah, Rachel, Amy, Sam and Christina out on the slopes and say hello.  Oh Ya lets not forget Val who will be making a return from Spain to join us for the ski season.

So here is to Winter Park Resort in it’s platinum, 70th, year and Winter Park Lodging Company with new jackets and the start our fifth year.

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