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We have a winner to our first snow contest here in Winter Park, CO.  It has taken a little while to get around to announcing this but yes we have had a couple of snows since the first last week.

There were thirty five entries on our blog and about twenty five more on the Facebook post about the first snow contest and yes there was a lucky soul, ok maybe talented, who hit the first snow date.  It was not a huge snow this year as last but it was over an inch and there is no disputing the picture to the left that it was a measurable snow last week.

So our first snow date for 2011 is, drumbeat please ………….. October 6th.  Yes that was last Thursday and we have a winner.  Stormy the snow predictor this year is Thomas Schneider.  And Thomas pretty much hit the snow fall total also.  Nice work Thomas!  Here is the winning snowfall total post “The ‘dust’ is already at the top, so it won’t be long. That first 1/2 inch will come on Oct 6.”

The fourth Winter Park Resort first snow contest is now concluded and we hope that this relatively early snow and subsequent snow storms means that we are in for some La Nina powder this year.  ALl the mountains surrounding Winter PArk and the Fraser Valley are now painted a nice white and it is looking as ski season is almost here.  Today up at Berthoud Pass there were three a couple of impatient folk with there planks out looking to find some fresh lines down the hill.  That is the spirit.

Well, here is to snow early and often all year long. Put the trail maps in the freezer and do the snow dance…..




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