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First snow at Winter Park Resort

First Measurable Snow in Winter Park, CO

It is that time of year again when we can start looking forward to white fluffy snow being on the ground her in Winter Park.  That also means it os time for the fifth annual “guess the day of the first measurable snow at Winter Park Resort”.

There are lots of amateur weathermen here in Winter Park prognosticating on the kind of snow year we will have this ski season.  I have heard that since we have been getting all this rain that we will have a great snow year and we will have a bad snow year.  Heard an old tale that snow will be as high as the skunk weed that is currently in bloom. Fireweed also seems to be an indicator of the amount of snow headed our way this year.  This years Farmers Almanac says that will have an above average snow year with colder temperatures than usual.  I say just bring on the snow!

So, the 2013 First Measurable snow contests goes like this:

  • Guess the day of the first measurable snow
  • Winner gets a WPLCo SKI/WP t-shirt (shown below)
  • Guesses can be made below in the comments or on the Winter Park Lodging CO Facebook Page

Rules for all tricky ones out there:

  • Only one guess per person
  • Measurable snow is more than half an inch
  • Guess must be in two days before actual snow
  • Measurable snow is at the base of Winter Park Resort

Last year 2012 was a relatively late snow coming October 23th. In 2011, the first snow was October 6th with a small snow storm.  In 2010, first snow was a little late with an October 12th blizzard.  2009 brought us first snow on September 21st and 2008 was early with a September 10th date.  Last year I predicted September 13th and was off by almost a month.  So everyone put your Winter Park Resort Trail-maps in the freezer for good luck (and to make the snow gods happy) and get your snow dance on.  I will start things off with the fist snow prediction for ski season 2013/2014.

Here is to tall skunk weed, an abundance of fireweed and snowstorms measured in feet.


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