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Cash In On Winter Park’s 75th Anniversary

 Winter Park groomers2014/15 marks the 75th anniversary of lift assisted skiing at Colorado’s Favorite, Winter Park Resort.  

In celebration, Winter Park Resort will be recognizing the history of the resort with online vintage photo galleries and details of the resort’s milestone events, publication of a limited addition 196-page collectors book ‘Winter Park Resort: 75 Years Of Imagining More’ (click here to purchase) and fun events such as their Secret Cash Stash giveaway. 

Did somebody say ‘free cash’?  Yep, Winter Park Resort will be stashing $75 gift certificates in different locations throughout the season, and leaving clues to their whereabouts.  To claim the prize, you need to find the secret location, then post a photo of the hidden treasure using #SecretCashStash, and if you’re the first person to tag the stash, the good folks at the Resort will deliver your prize right to you.   

Secret Cash Stash giveaways will be running several times a month, with the first hunt taking place on November 14th, 2014 with the secret clue, ‘Arrow, Arrow, Straight and Narrow.  Keep your eyes peeled before you hit the Parkway.’  For updates on the cash giveaways, and loads of fun info on Winter Park Resort’s 75th Anniversary, visit

Most of us know about Winter Park’s incredible snow conditions, and massive terrain, but in celebration of 75 years of all-out fun on the slopes, we put together a little list of the lesser known trivia on Winter Park Resort.


Family fun at winter park resort7.5 Fun Facts You Might Not Have Known About Winter Park

  1. Winter Park Resort was originally known as West Portal, but changed its name in 1939 to celebrate the beginning of ski recreation in the area.
  2. A day pass for Winter Park Resort in it’s opening season cost $1.00;  10,692 skiers visited the Winter Park slopes that year.
  3.  The Looking Glass Chairlift  was added in 1965 and is still in use today, making it the longest running 2 man chair in western USA
  4. The infamous Mary Jane, actually lived in the community of Arrow, but acquired the Mary Jane Placer (where the Mary Jane base area now sits) using her ‘night-shift’ earnings.  
  5. The Panoramic Express is North America’s highest high speed 6 pack, unloading its riders at a whopping 12,060 feet above sea level
  6. Doc Susie came to live and practice medicine in Fraser in 1907, and although never verified, is speculated to be the inspiration behind the TV series, Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman.
  7.  WPR has snow making stations on 27 trails, covering 313 acres of terrain, so winter always comes to the park!

So, what about 7.5?  Winter Park Resort’s history is full of unique characteristics and attributes that shouldn’t be whittled down to one small list.  Factoid #7.5 is left open for you to share your favorite fact, story or experience about Winter Park Resort ; so go ahead and share your tidbits and tales of Winter Park Resort in our comments section below.

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