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Thought I would share some photos of our Winter Park Mountain bike ride up in Rendezvous and Idlewild .  What great trail are up there.  Kinda rolling hills with some old jeep trail and some decent uphill if you want and some great downhill.  We usually start up Meadow trail then turn on to Ditch trail and do the Burnout loop.  There is a great ranch house back there that is really cool.   The owner of that place has a one cool pad, see below.  Not sure how they get into and out of the place but what a cool secluded retreat.

Ranch on Burnout loopThis is the best time of year for mountain biking up here in Winter Park so get out while you can.  There are so many mountain bike trails here it is incredible.  Stop in at Grand Sports and Dan the owner has some maps and lots of knowledge about biking the area.

As for getting to the sweet mountain biking in Rendezvous take the main entrance into the Rendezvous development from US Highway 40 and go all the way up and turn right on Friendship Drive.  At the point you ar forced to go left or right take a left and fifty yards up there is the Meadows trail head on your right.

I have been told that the Rendezvous sales office has some maps of the trails up in the area.

September is the time of year up here for mountain biking.  Come on up and see how amazing Winter Park is in the fall.

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