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winter park colorado mountain bikeI thought I would give another plug to how good the mountain biking has been up here in Winter Park this year.  I don’t know if was all the early rain or what but it has just been awesome.  My buddy from Denver has a place in Rendezvous that is about three doors down to some very cool mountain biking in the Arapaho National Forest.  I think the trails back there were for the old Idlewild Ski Area.  There are a bunch of signs that say  “Lodge” with an arrow.  There is the burnout loop trail, southfork loop, twisted ankle and a bunch of other ones that can be difficult but mostly are intermediate mountain biking.  My buddy says they have trail maps at the sales center at the entrance to Rendezvous.

Our local friend Kelly Haverhalls took me last week on a ride that resembled the Blue Sky loop but his was called Cherokee or something of that sort but is a locals only find!  Very, very cool ride and is true single track biking.

Here is a list of what is left for official mountain biking events for the 2009 summer:

Aug. 15 – Winter Park Mountain Bike Series #7 (Mary Jane Circuit)
Aug. 21 – Trestle Bike Park Race Series #4
Aug. 30 – Winter Park Mountain Bike Series Finale (King of the Rockies)
Sept. 4-7 – Sol Survivor Mountain States Cup Race: Endurance | Gravity | Super D (SolVista Bike Park at Granby Ranch)

There is a reason it’s Mountain Bike Capitol USA here in Winter Park!

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