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What a cool day of mountain biking, bike tricks and, slopeside bike fun.  Second year we have been to Crankworx and man those kids can rip it up on a bicycle.  See the two pictures above of the athletes just getting after it.  The weather was perfect and Winter Park Resort was great.  We had some lunch at Lime (will have a review later) that took about as long to get our food as it may have taken to build the Trestle Bike Park.  Anywho, after a bunch of rain Friday the Crankworks Festival was treated to some spectacular weather on Saturday and Sunday.  If you haven’t been to Crankworks you should make a point of going next year.  Fun for the whole family.  Our twins at about 2 yrs old thought it was a great day with all the stuff going on in the Winter Park Village and it was very cool watching the bike riders for us in our 40’s.  There was live music, beer and everybody seemed to be in the best of spirits.  Very cool Winter Park for an original well put on festival.

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