I drove by the Winter Park Rec Center and new gas station yesterday and saw a “Winter Park Market – open!” sign so I couldn’t resist, I swung in to check it out. Construction seemed to last forever over the last year so I wanted to see what it produced (no pun intended).  I was impressed – it looked like a Whole Foods in there with a mountain flair.  Fresh produce, an aisle of herbal medicines, organic everything.

I met one of the owners, Stephanie Tuttle, who told me that she and Tracey Chambers, the other owner, have “put so much love and engery into this store…This store is our dream and our passion.  We love our community and wanted to make this market the place to be.  It is a need for our community and we wanted to see it really be a special place.”  

She also explained that they are a “progressive” gas station meaning you can stop in to get gas but when you come in to get your Cheetos, they hope you will opt for a delicious organic bar, or if you must – their “Killer Apple Pie”.  They didn’t even sign on with one of the big cigarette companies who would make them put up a big display and give them discounts. Instead, they have a few packs over in the corner – a really nice change to see. 

So, if you want to stock up on the good stuff and enjoy a healthy vacation in Winter Park, stop in and see Stephanie and Tracey.  Here’s to the good life!

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