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Grand Sports Winter Park Colorado

I was out the other day riding the mountain bike trails up behind Rendezvous, the best mountain biking in Winter Park, and got a flat.  Bonehead me didn’t have a patch, tube or anything.  I talked my buddy into fetching a patch kit and we were on our way for a great day of biking.  But what this led me to was a chance to get into the Grand Sports shop.

I needed to upgrade my pedals and a bunch of other stuff.  Anywho, I got to talking with Dan, the owner, and we now have a set 20% discount on all services and products for Winter Park Lodging Company guests.  I highly recommend the Grand Sports Shop.  Dan who did the work on my bike was very knowledgeable and is as local as local gets here in Winter Park.  They have all you need for your biking and skiing needs.  Check out Grand Sports Shop when you are here in Winter Park.

Dan also mentioned they have a bike drop off service for those lacking transport to either of their shops.

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