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ZB WInter Park COWinter Park Lodging Company Sticker

Winter Park Lodging Company has won the ZB award.  What is the ZB award you ask?  Well, the Zb award the most creative use of the Winter Park/Fraser Valley mascot ZB.  And why is our mascot named ZB here in Winter Park, Colorado? ZB is the original Colo license plate numbers that were given for Winter Park and the Fraser Valley ( see picture to the right).

Whew that is complicatedZB Winter park resort!

Here is the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce announcement of our big win in the promote ZB contest:

Winner Announced: The Chamber is pleased to announce the winner of the “ZB’s Launch for Lunch Contest” held in January.  Drumroll please… the winner is Winter Park Lodging Company for their incredibly creative ZB sticker.  Also, an Honorable Mention to Grand County TV18 / Outside Television for including ZB in a commercial.  Check it out by clicking here.

We won we won we won!  Look for ZB all through the town of Winter Park, CO.

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