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Winter Park back country skiing

Powder Addiction Cat Skiing in Winter Park, Colorado

We finally got a chance to check out Powder Addiction, the new snow cat skiing tour operator that is headquartered in the Winter Park Village and running ski trips to Jones Pass.  Well, awesome is what I would have to say of Powder Addiction.  The snow was fantastic the guides were knowledgeable and the travel time to ski was very minimal.  This was the first of four trips that we have planned with the next coming in two weeks.

Our group consisted of myself, Ed Reagnor, Scott Emory, Teddy and Nick Kutrombos, Craig, Mike Ayre, Phil the snowboarder, Ben the Aussie, Jean Wolter and Todd the Cornhusker.  It was a great day of skiing.  Supposedly the snow up here in Winter Park is a little below average this year but the snow on Jones Pass was about the best I have ever skied –  light fluffy and lots and lots of it.

Our skiing guides were Mr. Ski Boss Jamie Wolter and Steve Waldorf.   The guides were very thorough, safe, fun and tried to get us the best snow and skiing possible.  We were able to get seven runs in and my legs were about shot with those seven.  The skis provide by Powder Addiction were Salomon Czar powder skis.  My first time on a rocker ski and man they can just float on the powder.  They are a little squirly on the packed snow but nice and fat with a lot of float on the fluffy powder.

Here is Powder Addictions description of skiing up at Jones Pass:

Our operation lies less than 1 hour drive from Denver. The closest powder skiing operation to the Front Range. If joining us from the Grand County you will meet at our World Headquarters in the Village at Winter Park. Our Jones Pass location gets the benefits of storms that flow in from all directions. We typically get hit by all the Colorado storms. This means you get the best chance for sweet skiing conditions when you ski with us.

You will spend the day skiing virgin snow at an average elevation of 11,000 feet. The high altitude combined with good Northern exposure keeps our snow cold and light.

If you enjoy skiing powder or are back country skiing fan I would definitely recommend Powder Addiction.  This was probably the best day of skiing I have ever had.  Whoooohoooo I can not wait ’till our next outing.

You can follow all of the Powder Addiction happenings at the Powder Addiction Facebook page.

Come and satisfy your powder addiction in Winter Park, CO

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