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Mtn Biking Winter Park Oct 7Mountain Biking Under the Snowy Peaks

What a crazy place for weather!  On Monday we received 5 inches of snow.  Tuesday it pretty much all melted down here in the valley.  And Wednesday it hits 60 degrees and is beautiful.  We went on our family biking expedition out in Pole Creek today and the views were unbelievable.  All the peaks around us were covered in snow and the sun was shining.  All this in a light jacket and shorts.

Check out the views in the photo to the left.  Crazy beautiful up here this time of year.  The aspen have almost all changed and there are not many people in town and the mountain biking is fantastic.  Still warm enough that Nicholas & Willem, the twins, ride in the Burley as happy as can be.  Only time they complain is when dad doesn’t go fast enough up the hills and they chant “all done, all done, all done”.

Need a getaway in October?  There is not prettier more relaxing place in Colorado!

Mountain Biking