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Winter Park, Colorado

Sitting down at the computer today I seem to have writers block or bloggers block because I had the toughest time figuring out what to write about.  Seems strange,  we try to do ten blogs a week, is that the reason?, because there is so much to do and see here in Winter Park, Colorado.  That got me thinking that I should do a list of what are my favorite things about this place up here in the Rockies. Narrowing it down to five was the hard part because there is really so much to like about this little slice of heaven here .  So here goes my top five things about Winter Park:

  1. Winter Park Resort: It’s the reason we moved here and I can’t wait for the snow to fly this year!  November 18th, get it on the calendar – The resorts opening day.
  2. Winter Park Mountain Biking: The saying goes you come for the winter but stay for the summer is very true.  Best mountain biking in the world.
  3. Winter Park locals.  The people here in East Grand County are just the best.  Friendly and fun and always up for an outdoor adventure.
  4. The scenery here in the Colorado Rockies is just amazing.  All year long it never ceases to amaze me at what a beautiful place we live in.
  5. Winter Park Lodging Company, might sound cheesy but we have created a pretty cool company and I think most people agree.  Our owners and our customers are generally pleased with the job that we do.

So there is the short list of what gets me jazzed about Winter Park.  Feel free to comment about what are your favorite things about Winterpark!

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