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Best Places to Have a Beer in Winter Park, Colorado

pizza and beer winter park coloradoThere was a time when there wasn’t even five places to have a beer here in Winter Park.  But growth is the name of the game and Winter Park has done some growing and we have lotsa lotsa places you can belly on up and have a cold one.  I thought I would share my five favorite locals were I can have a frosty and relish that we live here in the grandest of  places Grand County, Colorado.

Cheeky Monk: Less than a year old and located in the Winter Park Village the Monk serves up some of the finest beers known to man.  An all Belgium beer draft menu and a whole lot of bottles to choose from, this is where you go to savor the beer.  Great place after skiing and really good people/tourist watching.

The Winter Park Pub: An old favorite that has what you are looking for –  live music, Guinness on draft and the NFL Sunday ticket.  Smells a bit like stale beer when you walk in but that is what makes a local bar a local bar.

Tabernash Tavern: They call themselves a wine bar but I do see most men drinking beer here.  A bit of a stretch as Tabernash Tavern is in Tabernash but they have a great bar and a good selection of beer, I don’t think they serve Schlitz though.  Also, I could conceivably walk home from here if I had a few too many.

Hernando’s Pizza Pub: They have a great selection of beers on tap and their bartenders do a great job,  maybe the best in all of WP.  Can be crazy busy around traditional dinner time but great fun if you can wedge yourself into a seat at the bar.  Best pizza in Winter Park so get some to go or have a pie at the bar.

Heck’s Tavern at Devils Thumb Ranch: The architecture and the atmosphere make it worth the drive out to Devils Thumb Ranch.  If you are a cross country skier it couldn’t be more convenient. Ski Grand County’s best cross country trails and stop in to see a spectacular room.

So there are my favorite places to have a beer in Winter Park or maybe in Grand County.  Feel like sharing, leave your faves in the comments below.