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Drinks at Winter Park ResortCocktails Winter Park, CO

It is that time of year when it is getting chilly outside and time to sit inside and have a cocktail and dream about all the powder we will be getting this year.  So we have a couple of cocktails here that you can make at home or get at one of our local bars and restaurants here in Winter Park.

We here at Winter Park Lodging Company, the wife and I anyway, have been thinking a lot about cocktails of late as we have been in our sober/dry/no alcohol month since September 15th so that is pretty much all that has been on the mind.  Not that we are soaks but a month of no wine, beer or a refreshing cocktail makes one long for a drink or three. Well, maybe I am a soak.

Anywho, we have two drinks that would be perfect for a fall or Halloween evening.  First is a little potion to keep the tummy warm and the mind relaxed, the Jäger Barrel.

Jäger Barrel Ingredients:

1. Jägermeister – 1 Part
2. Root Beer Schnapps – 1 Part
3. Coca Cola – 1 Part

Cocktail Mixing Instructions:

Shake with ice and serve in a shot glass

Next we have Apples and Pears from the folks at Bacardi and this is one tasty cocktail.


1½ oz BACARDI® Big Apple™

½ oz Pear liqueur

½ oz Fresh lemon juice

½ oz Maple syrup

Shake with ice.  Strain into a chilled martini glass. Dust fresh grated cinnamon on top and garnish with a slice of apple.

Makes me want to go get one of these at Deno’s or make a trip to Rocky Mountain Moonshine to get the makings of one of these tasty concoctions.

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