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Mountain Biking in Winter Park CO 2010Winter Park Single Track Mountain Biking

Yes, as the logo says “Mountain Bike Capitol USA”.  That is our little towns claim to fame here in the Northern Central Rockies of Colorado and the time for mountain biking is coming upon us quickly.  Time to get the bike out make sure all the equipment is in order and give those pedals a few cranks.  It may even by time for a pair of new riding shorts and jersey.

After a very good ski season, I may be a little ahead of myself as we are still expecting some big snow storms here in WP, the bike has been calling my name every time I open the door to the garage.  Yes it will soon be mountain bike season here in Winter Park, Colorado and the time is now to prepare.

The Winter Park Mountain Bike Race Series schedule has been announce:

2010 Winter Park Mountain Bike Race Series Schedule

▪ Race 1 – June 12 – Hill Climb Kick-Off
▪ Race 2 – June 26 – X-C Super Loop
▪ Race 3 – July 10 – Valley Point-to-Point
▪ Race 4 – July 11 – Super Downhill
▪ Race 5 – July 31 – Crankworx Colorado X-Country
▪ Race 6 – August 14 – Mary Jane Circuit
▪ Race 7 – August 28 – King of the Rockies Finale

If you have not participated in one of these races you are missing out.  It is great fun and there are categories for every type of rider from old to young, beginner to pro, men and women and everything in between.  To check out the races, routes and race categories visit

For all those without any interest in racing and just want some recreational mountain biking, Winter Park is the place to be this summer. With over 600 miles of mountain bike trail from ecpert to beginner there is enough road around here for every one.

Check out the Fraser Valley/Winter  Park bike trail map for some great ideas to to some biking.  Looking for some recommendations?  Well here you go:

  1. Rendezvous Biking – up behind the Rendezvous home sits the old ski area of Idlewild.  There is great mountain biking here.  It is a kind of Northern California kind of terrain with rolling hills and water.  This is my favorite area to bike.  A map can be obtained from the Rendezvous sales office.
  2. Winter Park Resort Biking – Many, many trail at the resort.  My favorites are Ice Hill, Comanche , and Lower Cherokee.
  3. Tipperary Creek Loop – Varied terrain that all can enjoy from single track to some open road areas.

So, we are winding down the days of the ski season and the dreaded mud season will be gone in a flash, we hope, and then is the oh so glorious summer mountain biking season in Winter Park, CO.  Set your plans now and make a trip to Winter Park/Fraser to Mountain Bike Capitol USA.

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