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Winter Park, Colorado Mountain Bike Trails

The weather has been just spectacular up here in Winter Park, CO this fall.  I would have to say it has been the best fa weather that I have seen in the last ten years.  We have had the first Winter Park, CO snow and that about seems to have been the only inclement weather we have had here this fall.  And this great weather has made for perfect mountain bike weather.  There is not a better time to hit the bike trails than when there is good fall weather in Winter Park.

The above video was shot on Saturday, October 16th a few days after Winter Park Resort received 10 inches of snow at mid mountain.  The snow was still around on the north faces of the hills but pretty much gone everywhere else.  The trailhead was in the Rendezvous subdivision between Winter Park and Fraser, CO.  The trip starts up meadow trail to Cross trail up to the Corona Pass Road to the old town of Arrowhead and then into the James Peak Wilderness.  From here it continues down Broken Thumb to Twisted Ankle and back into the Idlewild Trail system on South Fork Loop.  Then up and out on the Winter Woods trail and back down Cross Trails and out on Meadow trail.  Total ride time of this trek was about two hours give or take some time for a couple of crashes.  The above video is about 15 minutes long as almost all the uphill climbing is cut out. Y’all wouldn’t want to watch that.

Check out the video and I hope you find it entertaining.  Sarah has said it is too long and bores her.  I find it kinda cool but maybe thats because I made the vid and did the riding.  Let us know in the comments bellow what you think.

Steve Worth and I are the riders and the songs are:

  1. Hot House Flowers – I Can See Clearly Now
  2. Sunvolt – Drown
  3. Red JuneRun Boy Run
  4. Red June – Biscuits & Honey

Again I hope you enjoy the vid and do let us know what you think of it down below.


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