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Winter Park Mountain Biking

We have been planning on getting a helmut camera all summer long here at Winter Park Lodging Company and we finally did even though it is October.  Also, have been planning on getting a new mountain bike all summer and low and behold it was October before that purchase was made.

The above video was shot with our new Contour HD Camera and I am starting to get the hang of the software and the iMovie editing.  We will have more videos of our mountain bike exploits soon.  The real deal with this camera though will be up on the hills of Winter Park Resort, Berthoud Pass and on Jones Pass cat-skiing with Powder Addiction.

The mountain bike purchased was a Scott Genius 20 from Winter Park Resort’s Epic Single Track Shop.  I will give them a plug here.  If you are in the market for a new mountain bike, definitely check out the demo models that Epic Single Track has for sale in the fall.  Most of their cross country bikes don’t get used much and they have some sweet bikes at less than half of MSRP.

The above video was shot on the lower part of Broken Thumb trail accessed from the Idlewild Crosstrail from the Rendezvous development. The second part of the video is the upper part of the Burnout Loop that brings you back down into the Idlewild trails.  The editing is a touch rough and the ending is kinda sudden as the SD memory card just filled up as I had the camera on for the boring uphill climb that no one really would want to see. Anywho, the next video should be a bit more polished.

The mountain biking season is coming to an end here in Winter Park, CO so get out while you can, snow is on the way and the bike will be finding its home in the garage for the next six months.

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