Fraser River Trail in Winter Park, CO

The Fraser River Trail is a great stroll or easy bike ride with three sections between Winter Park Resort and Fraser. Each section has it’s own appeal and can be done separately or in combination for a 10-mile loop.

Winter Park Section – From downtown Winter Park follow the sidewalk on the same side of the road as the Visitor Center toward Winter Park Resort. The sidewalk becomes a black-top paved trail after Beaver Village Lodge, and follows the river for 2.5 miles, through the Idlewild Campground and the shade of the pine forest. To start from the resort, walk to or park near the trailhead on Tradmark Drive in Old Town.

Fraser Section (Paved) – This is a great evening stroll with awesome panoramic views of Byer’s, James and Parry’s (pictured) peaks. Moose and other wildlife are often spotted in the meadow beside the trail, too. This section of the trail starts on the opposite side of the street as the Winter Park section, so you’ll start on the sidewalk in front of our office. We’re located at the corner of Main Street and King’s Crossing Road (across the street from Hernando’s Pizza). The paved trail meanders gently for about 2.5 miles until you reach Fraser. You can either turn around and come back the way you came, or cross at the intersection to come back on the dirt section that starts behind Safeway.

Dirt Fraser Section – Try this section if you are looking for an easy and scenic stroll or bike ride on a dirt path. The easiest way to find the trail is to start in Fraser. The path starts behind the Safeway building and continues for approximately two miles towards Winter Park. This section of the trail ends at the Rendezvous neighborhood, just 1/4 mile from downtown Winter Park. To get to downtown Winter Park, you have to cross the highway to get back to a paved trail, or you’ll also find an unmarked dirt trail that leads to the Hi Country Haus neighborhood about 1/4 mile further on the Rendezvous Road, across the street from the church. From Hi Country Haus, follow the dirt road about two blocks back to Main Street.

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