The Creekside Flume Loop Hike

This easy five-mile loop follows the scenic St. Louis Creek, and is great for a wildlife viewing stroll or an beginner/intermediate mountain bike ride. Moose and deer are occasionally spotted in the marshy reeds next to the creek, and brook trout are a great catch if you like to combine your hike with some stream fishing.

Follow Hwy 40 toward Fraser and take a left at the light where Safeway is. Go under the bridge for the train tracks, then take a right at the fork towards St. Louis Creek Rd. At the stop sign, take a left and follow the road for about 3 miles to the St. Louis Creek Campground entrance. Take the left to enter the campground and park in the parking area on the left before the campground.

Walk into the campground from the parking area, turn left at the restrooms and find the Creekside Trail right next to the the creek. Start out going the same direction the creek flows for 2 miles or so, until you get to a road. Take a left at the road and go up the hill about 100 yards. You’ll see the trailhead for the Flume trail on the left.

After about 2 more miles on the Flume Trail, keep your eyes open for the junction between the Flume Trail and the Chainsaw Trail. The Flume Trail continues to the left and over the creek, whereas the Chainsaw trail goes up towards the right. Go left to continue on the Flume Trail and cross a bridge, then go left to get back on the Creekside Trail. There will be a fork in the Creekside Trail shortly after the bridge. Take a right at the fork to go directly to the parking area.


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