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After the warmest February and March I can remember, the snow and cold has come back to Winter Park  for the beginning of April (with a vengeance). I’m not surprised one bit, though for a while there I thought we might be looking at a really early spring. I’m looking at it fall through the window right now. The wind has died down and it’s just a steady and heavy snowfall.

There is a mixture of emotions going on through my head – mainly “whoohoo, I’m off tomorrow and can get in another powder day!” and “ugh, when is it going to be summer? I just want to ride my bike!”  For the most part, though, I am just really glad we are finally getting our share of the snow. Last week, even Denver got 18 inches and we might have gotten half of that.

Winter Park Resort is reporting that in the past 7 days, we’ve accumulated 23 inches and nearly half of that has fallen in the past 48 hours. Judging from the rate that the snow is falling now, I bet we’ll have at least another 6 inches by tomorrow morning. Seriously, it’s coming down!

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