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El Nino Planning A Visit?

Best skiing in americaI know, I know,its July.  Like everybody else in the nation, I am fully in the throws of BBQs, Biking and Boating…and yet, when i’m standing in line at the check out, I inadvertantly find myself scanning the shelves for the 2015 Farmers Almanac.

Nope, I’m not turning to turning to potato farming, but I am hoping to cultivate a few powder turns this winter, and the Almanca is my little teaser of what mother nature might throw our way.

Technically, the Alamanac doesn’t go on sale until late August; but the good folks at have been chatting with NOAA to bring us a little teaser of what may be in store this 2015 Ski Season.

One little disclaimer, we are still 6 months out from winter, and weather patterns can change, so consider this a tentative forecast.   But if there’s a glimmer of truth to it…we could be in for an EPIC season!

Winter 2015 snow forecast“Based on the latest temperature readings from the Pacific the scientist at NOAA believe that the 2014-2015 winter season will be heavily effected by an El Niño. It is still unclear how strong of an El Niño we should expect but it may be the strongest we have seen since the 1997-98 event.

So what does this mean for us skiers?

Colorado: Interesting news for Front Range powder-hounds: According to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, 20-inch snowstorms are almost twice as likely to occur during El Niño years as neutral years. Most monster storms, though, hit during spring and fall, while mid-winters are relatively dry. Bust your skis out early and don’t get discouraged by a snow-free January – a late-season blizzard could be just around the corner.

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We’ll update you with additional snow forecasts as they begin taking shape; but if you are feeling excited about the prospect of a big early season entrance, take a peek at our early bird ski special:

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